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Violinopedia is designed for the young beginners learning violin, viola, cello or double bass. The website offers a variety of teaching material to help students learn the basics of musicianship and instrumental techniques. All activities are available online and suit digital devices such as iPads and others. Most activities presented on the website involve a creative input from students using touch-friendly technology to make the learning experience more interactive and fun! More


This month we added some extra fun and creative challenges on the Level 1 songs: “Variations on…”. This new activity aims at developing bow division, slurs, staccato, pitch and introduce faster rhythms. Like in the other activities on the website, students and teachers can create their own exercises.

Last update: September 2021

Learning and Teaching

Playing a string instrument is a wonderful way for children to develop their skills and personality as they grow. Violinopedia provides fun activities to engage them in their journey by showing them step by step processes to learn songs efficiently and by inviting them to use their skills in a creative way in order to develop their confidence and a true joy of learning.

Julien Dupont | Author of Violinopedia