Violinopedia, 3 experiences at once…

Learn at your level, using our method if you are a young beginner or with our teachers for more advanced repertoire.

Share with the community your music by joining our ensembles and participate to our regular concerts.

Reward yourself by supporting local charities through your performances.


- Learn with us :



• What is Violinopedia?

Violinopedia is an online violin method designed for young beginners, that offers interactive games to support and enhance  children’s experience whilst learning to play the violin.


• What does it offer?

Violinopedia offers more than 150 educational online games and video tutorials to assist with learning music theory and violin technique. A comprehensive repertoire of children’s songs is presented in an interactive way that facilitates practice and learning. Fun video tutorials guide them through an easy, effective and entertaining learning process.

• Where does it come from?

Violinopedia is an innovative method for young children inspired by the ideas of Kodaly (songs, rhythms syllabi), Colourstrings (use of colours for music notation) Dalcroze (euryhtmics) and Suzuki (aural training). All these ideas have been combined in one online violin method by Julien Dupont.

• What are the benefits?ph4

The early stages of violin instruction are very important for the child’s future musical life. This is why Violinopedia has been designed to motivate and comprehensively educate children through their first years of violin instruction.

• Which outcomes can you expect using the method?

Children will develop sustainable skills in musicianship (e.g. reading notes, sense of pitch) as well as practicing and playing the instrument. Children’s personal development will be apparent through motivation, interest, enjoyment and self-confidence.


- Share your music with others :

rock2At Violinopedia we make sure you get well started on your musical journey not only with good technical skills and musical knowledge but also with a true experience of music making. This is why all our students participate to musical events throughout the year and do some chamber music or join an ensemble.



- A rewarding journey :winery

Your enjoyment from playing is a wonderful thing to share with friends and family, but what about if you were capable to help your community? we are open to support initiative from our students (fundraising for a school, playing for a celebration…). In 2016 some of our students attended a festival in France and raised through their concert $5000 for the local food bank.